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Backup & Data Solutions

Backup and Recovery


Having a backup and recovery solution in place for your business is essential.. In most instances, data is a business' most valuable asset. Should the worst befall your business, you need to be able to pick up and carry on. Backups provide the assurance that you can do just this.

There are two purposes that a backup serves. The main purpose of a backup is the recovery of deleted or corrupted data. The second purpose is the ability to recover data from another time, generally determined by how long data copies are held for. Backups are in a sense, the most important form of disaster recovery and they should form the basis of any business' disaster recovery plan.

We have many backup & recovery solutions on offer and are able to tailor these to suit your business needs.

Data Storage Solutions


People often think of data storage as the hard drive space in their computer or an external device such as a USB drive, however the term 'data storage' applies to more than just the storage capabilities of a single machine or memory stick.

Data storage solutions can consist of backup, on-site, offsite and hosted or co-located (cloud) solutions as well as a combination of any or all. No matter what your core business is, your data needs to be secure, accessible and safe from liability.

A solution can be created to facilitate storage and backup, giving you piece of mind knowing that your customer and business information is safe and secure.

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