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businesses are built on great ideas

Every business is born from a great idea and
a great idea for every business is The Cloud.
Make every idea count.

The Cloud is for everyone.
Many businesses who once shied away from the cloud are now finding it to be an ideal solution, whether it's convenience, cost, security, ease of management or flexibility. A cloud platform allows your business to expand and downsize at your leisure, without tying up capital.
Small to medium sized businesses can take advantage of pay-as-you-go services, giving them access to enterprise-class technologies that were once beyond their budgets. Virtualisation means you can forget the high cost of servers and desktop equipment and do more with less. New services are ready for use within minutes instead of days, weeks or months. Server equipment is off-site and may be your own co-located server or one that is supplied (virtually for or leased physically to) you.

We can help design and implement a Cloud Solution that best suits your business needs, whether it's being able to access business critical information from anywhere in the world to simply wanting to centralise your data.

Creating a virtual space within a physical environment allows for secure data access on and outside of premises and reduces the costs of equipment normally required to perform the same functions. Cloud, Hosting & Co-Location solutions allow users within business organisations to access, share and store data across multiple devices and locations.

We can provide complete business hosting (hosted locally, here in Australia), giving your users 24/7, secure access whilst keeping your business data safe. Secure, centralised and simplified systems enables a business to cut costs and remain focused on their actual business.
We also provide co-location services with rack space within a secure data centre where your server equipment can be housed for use by your business.

private and hybrid cloud solutions

Business Hosting

F5 Solutions provides business hosting services for businesses here in Australia.
We provide the hardware for your business to be hosted, saving you the cost of buying new or replacement servers.
Offering a private or a hybrid cloud solution, our business hosting gives your business centralised data accessible from anywhere and on any device, data security, reduced capital expenditure and a disaster recovery solution.
A business hosting solution will not only save you money but let you rest easy knowing that your business is always up and running, no matter what happens to your physical building location or equipment.

Our business hosting is provided from a secure data centre location here in Australia (with 24/7 on-site security personnel, biometric entry and intruder-resistant capabilities as well as fire suppression and monitoring. With a 99.9% power supply and a 99% ISP uptime guarantee, this facility is also built to the Australian Earthquake Loading Standard AS1170).

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud is a dedicated virtual environment for use specifically by your organisation. All resources are completely isolated from any others and are not accessible by any other organisation.
A Private Cloud offers scalability, increased efficiency, data security and flexibility. Our off-premises private cloud deployments reduce the need for dedicated staffing, management, maintenance as well as capital expenditure.
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) can be provided reducing on-site costs of computer equipment by utilising cheaper Thin Client style machines, negating the need for expensive powerful machines on every desk.

Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid cloud is a private cloud that includes the use and deployment of public cloud services (Software as a Service). These public services could be Microsoft Office 365, accounting & payroll such as XERO or MYOB, Backup Software, Google services and more. A Hybrid cloud allows for greater flexibility and more deployment options. Software as a Service (SaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are both generally included as part of the Hybrid Cloud solution.


Co-locating your server equipment can save you thousands. An efficient server environment needs to be cooled and well ventilated. Co-location saves you from having to provide this location within your premises as well as reducing running costs. Co-location may also reduce your insurance premiums as your business data and equipment is safe from on-premise destruction/tampering.

Your business could benefit from a virtual solution.

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