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Network, Wi-Fi and Systems Management Services

Network Infrastructure Services


Network Infrastructure consists of hardware and software resources that make network connectivity, operations, communication and management possible within any organisation. This creates the path of which users, services, applications, processes, the internet and external networks use to communicate between each other.

At F5 Solutions, our goal is to provide reliable network infrastructure that is powerful, secure and supports the ever-changing requirements of your business. We can work with your current network infrastructure or we can re-design it to work better for your business. If you haven't got any infrastructure in place and are looking to build some, we can design a solution just for you.

With experience in Microsoft networks as far back as Windows 3.11, we can provide end-to-end network infrastructure services which include planning, design, implementation and continuous management and monitoring.
Your network is essential to the success of your business. If it's not performing efficiently, neither is your business.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can improve your current network infrastructure.

Wireless Network Solutions

Every business needs wi-fi in some way, shape or form. Whether it's for employee use or provided for visitor access, a secure and reliable wireless network provides flexibility as well as support for BYOD, allowing your guests and employees to use your internet connection seamlessly via their mobile and portable devices without compromising your business.

At F5 Solutions, we build and deploy effective wi-fi solutions with a heavy focus on security, ensuring that your business data is safe from visiting devices. We can work with your current wi-fi setup, suggest improvements or design a wi-fi solution specific to your requirements.

If your current wi-fi is not working as well as it should be, call us today on 02 4572 2206 to find out how we can improve it for your business.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is the process of bringing many systems together into one system, and ensuring that they function together as a whole. Put simply, it's about making existing or new infrastructure play nicely with hardware and software, and then operating as one smooth system.

F5 Solutions can work with you, assessing your long term goals and we can work with your existing technology where necessary when implementing new network, hardware or software solutions. We understand that sometimes businesses rely on uncommon or unfamiliar equipment and we are happy to work with you and your systems in order to create a solid, stable and integrated system solution.

We understand that new systems and solutions need to merge with your existing ones and we strive to implement these with minimal hassle so that your business can keep running in the meantime.

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